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Speakers Bureau

The American Health Planning Association's (AHPA)  can  assist organizations, colleges and individuals in finding a qualified expert to present information in the field of health planning and regulation. This information is generally provided through presentations to interest groups at a specific event, using a variety of audio and visual aids.

 AHPA works with those who have a commitment to the creation of health policies and systems which assure access for all people to quality care at a reasonable cost, and the equitable distribution of health services. They have also demonstrated support for community participation in decisions affecting health policy and local health services and the development of health systems based on the needs of the populations

These speakers have been involved with consumers, payers, and providers in the public process that establishes community need, sets priorities, plans services, allocates resources, and monitors service delivery. They have extensive knowledge about the availability of data and analysis about the community health needs, as well as the availability, accessibility, and value of services and treatments, as a function of the cost of health care for the community.

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 If you would like to request a speaker for your event, please contact Dean Montgomery at 703-573-3100 or

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